So much water goes to waste every single day without people taking it too seriously. Anyone that has a slow running toilet or a dripping faucet in their home is guilty of wasting water. It really does feel like that tiny drip or that toilet is not going to waste much water but if you add up the amount over a week or month it is a huge amount of water.

Stop Water Waste

Another big waste are leaks under the slab that are so tiny they go completely unnoticed for months and sometimes years i have been to so many calls throughout my time as a plumber where the water bill has increased for the past 3/6 months and  I’ve found leaks as small as 0.1 gallons per minute which is hard to spot and does not seem like much until you sit down and do the math.

0.1 gallons per minute – 60 minutes in an hour = 6 gallons an hour

6 gallons an hour – 24 hours a day = 144 gallons a day

144 gallons a day – 7 days in a week = 1008 gallons a week

1008 gallons a week average 4 weeks a month =4032 gallons a month


It’s a huge amount of water and hard earned money to waste in a month and it increases the bill by a lot of money. It’s the very same principle with dripping faucets and running toilets, it builds up way faster than you think is possible.

Not just the water waste, lets think about the sinks and faucets that are ruined due to the constant drip. You are left with hard water spots around your pop up assembly in the sink and the lovely chrome finish is ruined. It just looks awful and out of place in your awesome, sometimes new bathrooms !

Harington’s Plumbing does give free whole home plumbing inspections in the Gilbert/Chandler area and everywhere else in our service area they are included in our very small $49.00 service charge. Where a toilet repair or faucet rebuild can sometimes seem expensive, you just have to work out the money you will save over the year compared to the drip and its an absolutely worth the money for the repair.

Be wise when it comes to your home. I know its often hard to spend money on little repairs but trust us when we say a little problem will always turn into a big problem! And that is when it can turn into a large repair which are often a whole lot more expensive and take a whole lot more time.

just head outside and take a look at your water meter when you know nothing in the home is running, don’t forget about a reverse osmosis drinking water system filling slowly or a swimming pool filling as they often are forgotten about. Once you know all is off, head outside and look at your water meter. It has a small dial that will spin if water is running anywhere (one full spin of the dial often represents 0.1 gallons per minute) if you have any concerns about it please call us at (480) 440-7508. We can also come out and do a check for you anytime just as peace of mind!