Growing up I had plumbing in my family. Both my uncle Kenny and my cousin tony were plumbers. I used to look up to my cousin so much as he really was excellent at what he did. When I was about 14 years old he was in his early 20’s and already a fully qualified, licensed plumber in London, England, where I grew up.

Once Tony got to where he was doing a lot of work my uncle Kenny moved out of the field and opened up his own plumbing supply house called Mayling’s. During my summer holidays from school I used to work at my uncles store familiarizing myself with all the materials and parts plumbers would use as well as socialize with plumbers on a daily basis. Tony would come by the store and pick me up to run small jobs with him and let me get hands on! I was in my element and absolutely loved it. If there was a chance something could be fixed I was desperate to try !


The Early Day’s

Once I graduated high school it took me all of a week before I had a full time job with my cousin doing what I wanted to do for years! I had shiny new tools that I could say were mine. I worked with Tony for around 4 years and attended Langley college in Berkshire, England to acquire my plumbing license. The course was for a period of 3 years, 3 evenings a week. It was grueling, it was very hard but I loved it ! I learned so much and every day I got better and better at plumbing.

Once I had my license I left my cousins side and went off and started working with a very close friend of mine called Stuart McCracken. We grew up together and he was also fully licensed and very well trained. We was doing everything from installing boilers and whole home central heating systems to fixing leaks. It was a whole new chapter and once again I excelled.

The Process

At 25 years old my wife fell pregnant with our second child and her being a native California girl she was desperate to go home and share the birth of our second child with her mom who still lived back in the USA. We agreed on Arizona as the perfect destination for us as we really loved the feel of Gilbert with its young families and excellent schools.

Upon arrival to Gilbert AZ I went straight out looking for work and settled on working for a very respectable plumbing company in Chandler AZ that I owe an awful lot to. Obviously plumbing in the UK and the US had its differences and they went out of their way to teach me everything again.


3 years in a row I finished the calendar year as the number 1 service technician with excellent reviews and a very large repeat customer base.i made a lot of friends their that i will always be grateful to. They taught me a lot, they supported me and best of all stayed friends when i decided it was time to get out and start my own business and put my own ideas into action.

I started up Harington’s plumbing in 2017 and have enjoyed the process so much its still very early days in the life of Harington’s plumbing but I’m excited and extremely determined to make it work and will do everything in my power to offer the best customer service and quality of work at every single customers home i have the pleasure to visit.

Thank you for reading this post it means a awful lot to me !