Keeping drains clean and clear is vital to the right functioning of the home and to the health of the people who live there. Though our professionals at Harington’s Plumbing are pleased to take care of our customers’ the drains, keeping drains clear is not too difficult.

Why Clean Drains are Important

If drains are not kept clean, dirty water builds up and becomes stagnant. This dirty water has a foul odor that can be intense enough to be smelled in rooms far away from the drain. The water can leak into the structures of the house and cause the floors and walls to stain or warp. Stagnant water encourages the growth of mold and mildew and is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, some of whom carry dangerous diseases. Other pests such as rodents and roaches use the water for drinking. The worst news is that a house with drains that continually clog is more at risk of flooding during a heavy rainstorm. A timely drain cleaning service provided by our professional Gilbert AZ plumbing company will help to prevent any problems.


Why do Drains Clog?

Drains in houses are narrow, and it is easy for them to become clogged if they are not maintained. Ordinary objects such as hair, soap, bits of food and grease clog them. The wrong kind of paper can also clog a toilet drain, so make sure that only toilet paper is used. Sometimes very young children toss their toys into the toilet bowl to see what will happen.

A truly serious cause of a slow or stopped drain may be the septic system. A septic system that hasn’t been cleaned in a very long time may cause sewage to backflow up the drain pipes and into the house. If the sewage has spilled over into the septic system’s leach field, the pipes there may need to be replaced at considerable expense. If the house is attached to municipal sewer system, clogged pipes may mean that the water company has been working on the sewer line. Call to find out. Another cause of clogged drains are masses of tiny tree roots infiltrating the underground main drain. Our plumbers can remove them, and give our customers tips on how to keep the drain clear.

Regular Maintenance

The strainer in the drain hole that’s cleaned out every night goes a long way in keeping debris out of the pipes. Make sure that the debris that always finds its way beneath the strainer is also removed. An easy and inexpensive way to keep drains clear is to flush them weekly with boiling water, and twice a year with boiling water, baking soda and white vinegar. Add a half a cup of baking soda to the drain, then a half a cup of vinegar. Let the solution work for about five minutes, then flush it with boiling water.

Grease must never be poured down a drain because it makes the fats found in dishwashing and regular soap coagulate and form clogs. If the homeowner has old grease, wait for it to cool, pour it into a styrofoam cup or some other container they were going to throw out anyway, and put it in the garbage.