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Have you been looking for expert Gilbert, Az water heater installation and repair? Call us at 1-480-440-7508 so we can assess the situation and provide a solution. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as running out of hot water, so make the call and get an expert in there fix it as soon as possible.

The water heater is one of the most common fixtures in the modern household, and they serve an important purpose for your family. Hot water is a luxury we’ve all become accustomed to, and having issues with the water heater is an inconvenience most of us would rather do without. The key is to affiliate yourself with a reputable local plumber that will keep your water heater running at peak efficiency throughout the year.

What’s Wrong with the Water Heater?
Most water heaters go completely unnoticed until they have a problem, but when that happens it is time to call for repairs or possibly a replacement. If you try to turn on the hot water when it hasn’t been used and all you get is cool or lukewarm water that won’t get any hotter, you need to call to have your water heater checked. If you notice water leaking from the tank or if your water bills and energy bills have jumped for no apparent reason, you may need water heater repairs. Any issues with your hot water that don’t have a simple solution should be considered a water heater issue and professional attention should be given to it.

Beware the Broken Thermostat
If you have wild temperature fluctuations when trying to use hot water, the problem could be with the thermostat on your water heater. Sensors may become damaged with time and the water could end up being too cool or even too hot. Your plumber will check the thermostat as part of the inspection of your water heater when you call for service.

Stick with Professional Installation and Repair
Many homeowners try the DIY approach when it comes to installing a water heater, but it’s probably not a good idea for most. It may be tied into your gas line, which makes it a definite no, but even if that’s not the case, a professional installer has intimate knowledge of how water heaters tie into your home’s plumbing and electrical systems, so it’s always the best way to go.

Has your water heater been causing your trouble? Call Harington’s Plumbing at 1-480-440-7508 in Gilbert when you notice the first sign that something is wrong and we will provide you with a comprehensive solution.

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