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Christopher Barnett owner operator and field technician of Harington's plumbing i am originally from London, England. I began plumbing with my uncle and cousin back when I was 14! I used to use my summer break working with them and from day 1 i just loved it! Ive always had a passion for fixing things and end product. I married at the age of 21 to a California native and once our second child was due we decided to share the experience with her family and return to the US after 4 years together in England. Gilbert AZ was our final destination and immediately after moving here i started working for a very reputable plumbing company in Chandler AZ and stayed working with them for a little over 4 years.

After leaving there i did a little work helping another small company grow before deciding its time to do this myself and use my own ideas to help people. I'm enjoying it so much and plumbing really is my passion. I am very particular with my work and how it looks.

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