A leak causes more than water damage to your floors and ceiling. You waste a lot of water and spend twice as much on the monthly water bill. Knowing how and where the leaks start is necessary to avoid more problems. Here are the 5 main reasons why plumbing lines leak on your property.

1. Cracked Pipes

You cannot ignore even a small crack in the pipe. The water flows through the pipes under intense pressure and could make the crack bigger until the pipe bursts. A burst pipe happens in a second, but in a few minutes, it could flood an entire room. Maintain your pipes regularly to check for cracks before this accident happens.

2. Blocked Drains

You cannot clear all drains using store-bought cleaners only. When the drains are still clogged, plumbers are needed to review the problem. They may insert a camera to inspect the problem and then use a hydro jet to remove the clog. Only plumbers know about the different types of blockages and the most effective techniques to use.

3. Aged Pipes

Old pipes corrode and break down, causing cracks that leak. Pipes that are 10 years or older show major signs of wear and tear. When plumbers see this problem, they suggest making repairs or replacing the pipes altogether. A replacement may be better because old pipes are made out of iron that rusts easily. Copper is the chosen material that is rustproof, lightweight and designed to last longer.

4. Underground Movements

The growths of tree roots or earthquakes may interfere with the underground pipe system. As the ground moves, the pipes twist, bend and become cracked in the process. Homeowners should hire plumbers to inspect and maintain the underground pipelines, which is necessary to avoid repairs.

5. Damaged Seals

Your appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes washers, are part of the plumbing system and also need maintenance. As wear and tear sets in, the seals become damaged and less effective. Have the seals replaced to prevent further leaks.

Leaks appear in every home, forming pools on the floors or ceiling. Mold shows up next and reduces the indoor air quality. Plumbers are the ones who you turn to for advice and manual assistance. Like most homeowners, you see only the water leak on the surface. Hire a qualified professional to find the underlying causes of your leaks and take the right actions.