The water heater is an appliance that many people do not pay attention to unless something is wrong with it. That is why many people have no idea if their water heater is getting ready to fail. There are a number of signs that you should look out for if your water heater is getting ready to fail. Otherwise, water heater repair Gilbert AZ services are unavoidable.


It is important for you to keep up with how old your water heater is. You can look at the serial number on the water heater in order to find out how old it is. In most cases, a water heater that is over 10-years-old will need to be replaced. Most manufacturers do not recommend that you do not replace your water heater until it starts leaking. If your water heater is leaking, then it will do serious damage to your home.


Rusty Water

If you have noticed rusty water, then this is a sign that your water heater is getting ready to go out soon. This problem is likely caused by a rusty pipe. The rust will eventually cause your pipe to completely deteriorate.

Small amount of rust will likely not cause any harm to your health. No one wants to drink rusty water because it does not taste good. It is also important to note that bacteria can accumulate in rusty water.

Rumbling Noises

Sediment will start to build up in your water heater as it gets older. The sediment will start to harden when the water heats up. That is why you may notice that your water heater makes rumbling noises. Your water is no longer useful if it has hard sediment building up inside of it.

The hardened sediment will cause your water heater to lose efficiency. Your water heater will have to use more electricity or gas in order to work. This will also cause your water heater to suffer more wear and tear. Furthermore, your tank will become more brittle because your water heater takes more time to heat up. That is why your water heater will be more likely to heat.

Leaks Around The Water Heater

If you have any water around your water heater, then this problem is likely caused by a fracture or leak in the tank. However, you should not rush to get a new water heater. You have to make sure that the water is not coming from the connections or fittings of the tank.